We design with clear goals in mind and an understanding of how to express a brand to truly connect with your audience.

Let us help you to create a logo that will represent you in a strong and distinctive way. Our brand designs are contemporary, unique and hand crafted with care, based on your creative direction. We specialize in logo designs for Calgary area and won't settle for a generic design for your business.

When starting up a new business, a realistic budget must be set for branding and marketing – without which the company will be essentially invisible in a sea of stronger competitors. The most fundamental requirement for any brand is its logo – it forms the basis of the brand’s visual identity. A logo should be designed to draw attention to it and to be memorable. With time the logo can become synonymous with the company in the customer’s mind. The logo will dictate the overall look of the company’s printed materials and website which must be skilfully designed to retain brand harmony throughout.

By paying for a professional design, the start-up can be confident that the final logo will do their company justice. Once the logo is finalised, the visual identity of the brand can be extended across all customer facing materials. The company owner will be proud of the brand identity and the customer will be impressed and feel confident that the company can deliver its brand promise.